About your Day on Sojourn

What every guest needs to know for a great trip

Get ready to see Maryland in a whole new way! Annapolis waters are alive with boaters, and yet you can feel the tranquility of space out on the water. Whether the wind is light and gentle, or fresh and exciting, safety, comfort, and fun are the watchwords for your time aboard Sojourn.

Starting Out:

To make our time underway more enjoyable, we will start with a short pre-departure tour of Sojourn, its systems, and safety features.

Come Prepared

What We Provide


Safety at the Slip

Safety at Sea

Temperatures on the water and in the wind are almost always cooler than inland. The sun is stronger with glare from the water. The deck can get wet and slippery. Some things you should consider bringing:

  • a wind-proof jacket
  • non-skid, non-marking shoes (e.g. 'sneakers')
  • sunglasses
  • sunglass keepers (e.g. 'Croakies')
  • suntan lotion (or just use our 'house' brand)
  • a hat with a brim for sun shade
  • long pants except in summer
  • Bottled water
  • 'House' brand of suntan lotion

Add-Ons we can arrange (Optional)

  • Catered 'Box' lunch (e.g. sandwich, chips, pickle)
  • Sodas or other drinks
  • Other snack items

The pre-departure tour will include a comprehensive stop in the marine head (toilet) to explain the operation. A marine head is a bit different than land-based facilities and needs a little explanation.

Please pay attention and ask if you ever have any questions -- there are no plumbers at sea!

Sojourn is big and heavy. Lines (ropes) all around keep her in the slip (parking space) at the dock (walkways between the boats). If you pull on one of the lines, the boat will slowly move over to that side to make it easier to step aboard. But the other lines will soon react and start to pull the boat back towards the center of the slip. So, either step on or step off, but don't get caught in between.

Sojourn is big and heavy. Never put a body part between the boat and the dock or another boat.

Captain's decisions are final. We do not anticipate any problems, but for the safety of all, please follow safety instructions as directly as possible without debate. Before departing and during the way out, we will review safety procedures and emergency maneuvers (e.g. Person-Overboard). We will also cover docking and departing plans. All guests will be taught how to operate the VHF radio(s) to ask for help.

Sojourn is big and heavy. Never put a body part between the boat and the dock or another boat.

Routes and Stops

Rates and Dates


Departing from our extraordinarily fine Marina on Back Creek, it is just a short fetch out to the Bay proper.

Depending on your interests

  • Go out around the Eastport spur past Spa Creek and by the US Naval Academy at the mouth of the Severn River.
  • Head in to Annappolis Harbor and take a look at "Ego Alley".
  • Sail out to the Bay proper past Greenbury point.
  • Then head North to go under the twin spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (formally the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge)
  • Or go South to Thomas Point Lighthouse.
  • Stop in Whitehall bay, drop anchor, relax, swim or paddleboard.

Whatever you choose, there is plenty of water to ply and you will get a good view of Kent Island on the Eastern Shore and enjoy the only slightly salty air that makes the Chesapeake Bay so special.

Depending on the day there may be dozens of sailboat races in hard fought competition. All sizes from the 9' Dyer Dow helmed by 7 - 10 year olds (often the fiercest competitors) to 40' J boats and everything in between.

Sojourn charters by the hour with a 3 hour minimum. Summer rate is $250 per hour, not including Captain Typical charters follow the classic "Three hour tour" (Actually 4 hours and no 'uncharted islands' will be visited) - Longer tours can also be arranged. Wind and wave must of necessity dictate the specific itinerary, but all directions on the Bay are beautiful and fun!

Suggested Timelines are:


  • Departure time: 9am
  • Returning: 1pm (nominal)


  • Departure time: 1pm
  • Returning: 5pm (nominal)


  • Departure time: 5pm
  • Returning: 9pm (nominal)

Sojourn requires a certified professional captain for charters.

Captain’s are compensated directly, separate from the boat charter. Typical rates are from $80 - $100 per hour, not including any gratuity.

You can arrange a Captain from our vetted list, subject to availability on your requested date. If you would like to use another OUPV or above certified captain, please contact us to check on qualification requirements.